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ACT2 is a progressive studio providing a professional and supportive environment for artists to explore the craft of acting. The studio offers numerous acting classes including the ACT2 On Camera Workout and On Camera scene study classes. Workshops, coaching and taped sessions for professional actors are also provided.

The ACT2 studio is committed to helping artists move their craft and career to the next level and book work in TV & Film. 


The definitive training resource for today's working professional and emerging TV / Film actors




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ACT2 Online Workout

For booking work in TV & Film
4 classes currently in progress

The ACT2 Online Workout is the quintessential workout for actors seeking to move forward in their TV & Film career. Using a specialized format developed by Nadine Wright, the ACT2 Online Workout fully maintains the integrity of the scene study work done in the studio while integrating both the on-set and auditioning 'ON-CAMERA' experiences necessary for booking work in the TV & Film industry.     


The ACT2 Online Workout provides unparalleled growth for today's professional and emerging actors.

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Private Moment Project

The Private Moment Project was established to encourage the artists of ACT2 to create and collaborate beyond the studio. 

Red Light Winter Directed by Nadine Wright


Past projects directed by Nadine Wright featuring artists from ACT2 include Red Light Winter featuring Cody Kearsley, Albert Nicholas & Diving Normal featuring David Lennon & Lacy J Mailey.



"The work works!" 

"What we do in class is exactly the way I'm working in my Zoom call-backs and on set." 

"This challenging work has had a direct result on my auditions."

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"Nadine has a special talent for giving me the exact scenes I need to work on. The scenes are hard and sticky and messy, but trusting her process has allowed me to dig into areas of my acting that I didn’t think I had access to. This challenging work with Nadine has had a direct result in my auditions and has been noticed by both my agents and casting. 


The ACT2 Online Workout has proven to be extremely effective training for zoom callbacks, which are just a different beast than in person and require a different kind of prep and understanding. What we do in class is exactly the way of working that I’m doing in my call-backs. 


I came to Nadine to be a better actor and in a handful of months I feel that I am a better actor."

Sean Depner

Fargo, Riverdale, Nancy Drew

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Founder, Head Coach

Nadine Wright has acquired extensive and highly specialized knowledge in helping professional actors move their craft and TV/FILM career to the next level. 

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