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ACT2 is a progressive studio providing a professional and supportive environment for artists to explore the craft of acting.


The studio offers the ACT2 Online Workout, scene study, workshops, coaching and taped sessions for professional actors. 

The studio is owned and operated by Nadine Wright who has acquired an extensive and highly specialized knowledge in helping professional actors move forward in their craft and career. 


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"You give us scenes that continually challenge us to dig deeper, knowing we are capable of something greater than we allow ourselves to believe." 

"You helped me knock down walls and discover a part of me I knew was there but inaccessible before you allowed me to find to it. You give everyone a safe place to discover who we are as people and as artists." 

"I go to the most inspiring acting class in the world. And I have an incredible pool of support. And I'm surrounded by wildly brave artists."



Nadine Wright

As an actor, director, coach and owner of ACT2, Nadine draws on her diverse artistic experience to help actors grow their craft and career in TV, film and theatre.  

Nadine began her artistic career as a ballet dancer performing with the renowned company Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. As an actor, she holds over 45 professional credits in TV, film and theater. Directorial credits include the film Salt Water, theatrical productions Red Light Winter, Diving Normal, 'night, Mother and the multidisciplinary production of The Dharma According to Fifi. Nadine has instructed the graduating class at UBC's Theatre Department and each year holds an Acting Workshop for Dancers at Harbor Dance for the Intensive Training Program.


As the founder and head coach of ACT2, Nadine merges her diverse professional experience to bring a specialized approach to helping actors develop character, discover organic movement, follow impulse and speak from their true voice. Through her dedication to craft, innovation, extensive knowledge of working with actors and vast performance experience, Nadine is helping to inspire and guide today’s artists.

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