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ACT2Pro is a leading On-Camera acting studio providing advanced training and support for professional and emerging TV Film actors. The studio specializes in helping actors to become more competitive within the industry. 

The studio has innovated on-camera training and the support process that today's actors require to elevate their craft and careers. 


The studio was founded by master acting instructor Nadine Wright who has acquired an extensive and highly specialized knowledge in helping professional actors move forward.  

Moving forward in the TV/Film industry with a professional coach in your corner & an advanced multi-leveled On-Camera training program will provide a definitive EDGE. However, ACT2Pro goes even further ...

The Studio provides

ACT2Pro On-Camera Scene Study Classes

Multi-leveled acting classes (Intro to Master Level) that combine scene study, on-camera and audition skills in a specialized format that provides unparalleled growth for actors (see testimonials).     

Integrated Coaching & Support™ 

Ensures actors receive a hands-on and collaborative approach to addressing the areas in their craft that they need to expand to become more competitive in the TV/Film Industry.      

ON-CAMERA Movement training

Interwoven into all aspects of training at the studio, Movement training establishes an emphasis an connecting impulse to character driven body language and includes the GIVE & RECEIVE OF TOUCH™. 

Safe working environment

Feel comfortable to explore the craft of acting in a room of peers personally vetted & progressing at similar levels in the work with well defined goal post.  


Specialty Workshops

Transition workshops for Broadway theater actors & all levels of dance into TV & Film. 


Supplemental Services

Agent and legal services introductions

Integrated Coaching Support

Integrated Coaching & Support

To ensure that actors reach their growth potential, every artist can expect to receive a collaborative hands on approach to expanding their craft and career. Once accepted into the studio, actors are placed in a supportive class of peers advancing at their level in the work. Scenes are specifically assigned to assess and address those areas in their craft that are required to grow to become more competitive in the TV/Film Industry. This collaborative approach begins to expand the artist's range and capabilities as an actor. When ready, actors are placed into a more advanced class, all while being coached and guided to the highest professional standard. In-depth business coaching is provided. This process, in conjunction with the state-of-the-art On Camera Scene Study classes and advanced movement training, widens an actors technique, range, preparedness, and confidence to a highly competitive new level. 

ACT2Pro testimonial
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