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Top Acting Coach Vancouver

Nadine Wright, Director, Founder and Head Coach of ACT2Pro provides career-focused training and support for today's professional and emerging actors.

As one of the most sought-after acting coaches serving the Vancouver area, Nadine specializing in coaching actors for auditions and callbacks with edgy material and movement. 

To request a coaching session with Nadine reach out here:

Interested in reaching a new level in your craft and career?

AUDIT our On-Camera Scene Study Classes consistently rated "Highly Transformative" by today's TV Film professionals.

Nadine Wright has acquired extensive and highly specialized knowledge in coaching professional actors to advance their TV/FILM careers. Her vast performance and coaching experience, coupled with her innovation and approach to coaching actors has made her one of the top and most sought after acting coaches in Vancouver.

best acting coach Vancouver
"The work we've done in pushing my boundaries as an artist has led me to some of my most exciting roles to date. As I'm entering my first opportunity to work on two movies simultaneously, I couldn't feel more prepared artistically and professionally."

Jessica Brown

Murdaugh Murders: Lifetime Network

bes acting coach Vancouver

As a master acting coach, director and actor, with a background in movement, Nadine posses an unwavering ability to assess and coach actors to align their emotional, vocal and body connection 'on-camera' to achieve a higher degree of naturalism when and where it counts; on-set, during tapings and in callbacks. She shares this insight through private coaching sessions and in her specialized On-Camera Scene Study Classes

"Nadine also has the uncanny ability to know exactly what an artist needs at any given moment, and the power she has to read people in subtle ways is incomparable.  She is fierce, caring, creative, and open-hearted, all whilst pushing artists to continually reach new heights in their careers."

Nadine began her artistic career as a ballet dancer performing worldwide with the renowned company Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Transitioning into acting, she trained extensively in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver and holds upwards to 100 professional credits in TV, film, theater & dance. Nadine has instructed the graduating class at UBC's Theatre Department and has directed numerous productions. While coaching and directing actors for almost 20 years, Nadine has conducted scene study classes through her studio ACT2 (now ACT2Pro). With ACT2Pro, she merges her diverse professional experience with innovation to bring a specialized and highly effective approach to helping actors and emerging artists succeed in the TV/Film Industry. Through her dedication to craft, artistic integrity and vast performance experience, Nadine is helping to inspire and guide today’s artists.

top acting coach Vancouver

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Testimonials ...

Emilee Nimetz
"My time at Act2Pro has completely transformed my process as an actor and strengthened my work in immeasurable ways. Prior to working with Nadine, I would watch my auditions back and think that my work could be more alive, spontaneous, and passionate - and yet, I had no idea how to get there.  
When I first came to Nadine’s class, I was profoundly moved by how fiercely she advocates for you as an artist. Nadine’s approach is like no other; she challenges you to step outside your comfort zone to allow real growth to happen. A kind of growth that you can’t just
play lip service to, but deep, meaningful growth that is truly transformative. She has an unwavering dedication to everyone’s progress with absolutely no ego. She sees the artist in you and firmly pulls that spirit to the surface, past your ego and unhelpful ways of thinking. She cultivates an artistic environment that is creative and fun while also giving you the space to express freely, deeply, and without judgement. She goes above and beyond to support you in this career. 
With her fervent dedication, I have found myself going further than I ever expected for myself as an artist and as a person. I have and continue to surprise myself with how full and deeply I feel and how confident and unapologetically I have come to express it. I have a sense of ownership over my craft, and tools to move through challenges and ups and downs of this career. Practically speaking, I am far more confident with auditioning and being on set - I feel like I can deliver my work with integrity by using tools and a process that works for me. I’ve noticed significant changes in the way I approach my work and how full, playful, and truthful it feels. Through her coaching, I have not only honed my craft, but also developed a deeper sense of self, confidence in my work and my artistic voice, and an immense appreciation for the transformative power of storytelling. I wholeheartedly recommend Act2Pro to anyone who wishes to transform their work and allow their inner artist a voice and space to be accepted, fully, for who they are."
Emily Le
"I love having Nadine in my corner as a coach! Collaborating with Nadine in studio and in private sessions has shifted my craft into a more grounded and confident place. I am able to take what I learn in class and from our private sessions, and apply them on set, in my auditions, or in a director and producer callback session (with success!). Nadine works with each individual uniquely, to strip away unhelpful habits, and challenges you to go further past your comfort zones to connect in the present and play outside the box. The conversations amongst the groups of artists training in the ACT2Pro studio are insightful and inspiring, and it’s really great to see your peers progress in their artistic craft and careers. What Nadine’s guidance and support has done for my artist feels above and beyond. Be ready to show up and do the work, personally and artistically, and the growth is the reward."
Jess Brown
"I sought out coaching from Nadine looking for a challenge and I received just that.  Nadine effectively pushes her actors outside of their comfort zone while still maintaining a respectful and safe work environment. The work we've done in pushing my boundaries as an artist has led me to some of my most exciting roles to date.  As I'm entering my first opportunity to work on two movies simultaneously, I couldn't feel more prepared artistically and professionally. I'm always excited to come to class and conquer new challenges and depths with Nadine."
Sean Depner
"Nadine has a special talent for giving me the exact scenes I need to work on. The scenes are hard and sticky and messy, but trusting her process has allowed me to dig into areas of my acting that I didn’t think I had access to. This challenging work with Nadine has had a direct result in my auditions and has been noticed by both my agents and casting. 
The ACT2Pro On Camera Workout has proven to be extremely effective training for zoom callbacks, which are just a different beast than in person and require a different kind of prep and understanding. What we do in class is exactly the way of working that I’m doing in my call-backs. 
I came to Nadine to be a better actor and in a handful of months I feel that I am a better actor."
Sean Depner
Fargo, Riverdale, Nancy Drew
Princess Davis
"I’ve been training with Nadine for a couple years now and she is one of the most passionate and inspiring teachers that I’ve ever met. She really encourages her actors to be the best artist that they can be and she uplifts you in a way that also pushes you. One of my favorite things to do in her class is the relaxation exercise - it gets me connected to my body and puts me in a really relaxed state so that I can really dive into my character. Nadine is such a powerful human, she sees art in a way that many don’t and each class you leave having learned something new about the craft or about your relationship with the craft. If you train her her consider yourself lucky, because you’re working with an artist that really sees you and inspires you to really see all that you can do!" 
Jocelyn Gauthier
"From the moment I first spoke with Nadine on the phone, I knew she was so much more than just another acting coach.  Yes, she has a wealth of knowledge, an eye for the camera, and a powerful directorial brain, but she is so much more than that.  She is a teacher, a mentor, and even a life coach at times.  Not only does she deeply understand acting, but she has the tremendous ability to find people’s blocks and break them wide open.  Every week there's a different artist who is honing their craft, viscerally connecting to the material, and taking their work to the next level. Nadine also has the uncanny ability to know exactly what an artist needs at any given moment, and the power she has to read people in subtle ways is incomparable.  She is fierce, caring, creative, and open-hearted, all whilst pushing artists to continually reach new heights in their careers.
I started with Nadine pre-pandemic when she was holding in-person studio classes and took a tremendous leap forward in my craft.  Then Covid hit and she, like many other coaches in the city, had to pivot.  Nadine transitioned to Zoom classes in 2020, and although some were reluctant to jump on board, it has been the best decision she ever made.  Due to the nature of the platform, she’s now coaching as though the computer screen is a camera lens, allowing her to see more of what a day on set or an actor’s audition tape would actually look like. In this way, she’s able to coach actors through all of the various audition scenarios that can be thrown at them, resulting in better tapes, more bookings, and more transformative work on set.  The result is this incredible hybrid of a scene study and on-camera class all rolled into one, which no other coach offers. And for busy working professionals and new mothers like me, it’s a win-win.  I can still get a great workout from wherever I am - in my trailer on set, in the rehearsal hall at the theatre, or at home juggling my toddler. Furthermore, I can personally say that I have booked more work professionally since starting Zoom classes, and it’s something that I think everyone should consider. If you want to open your eyes to a new way of working, and want to have the most incredible, compassionate, genuine, and powerful woman on your side, look no further than Nadine at ACT2Pro!  
Some of Jocelyn's recent credits include Grease: Rise of The Pink Ladies (Paramount), Field Day (Hallmark), Planning On Forever and A Honeymoon To Remember (Reel One), Firefly Lane (Netflix), Kinky Boots (Arts Club), Ghost The Musical: Canadian Premiere (Drayton Entertainment). Jocelyn holds a B.F.A. in Acting from the University of British Columbia and attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in their Master's Classical Acting program.  She is also a classically trained singer and pianist."
Jocelyn Gauthier 
Jeff Gonek 
"I have worked with Nadine for nearly 8 years and what we’ve developed and found together is a true attest to the artist-artist relationship. Her process has helped me nurture my inner self and reveal my cracks for the world to see through simplicity and authenticity. It has helped me sit in awkwardness and all the truths that a human being so desperately wants to hide. Her approach expects an artist to show up and be accountable to the room and oneself, all while becoming leaders in this business through kindness and compassion. Her love of craft and method has fueled the artist I am, and will become, as we continue to find nuance, impulse, power and vulnerability." 
Blaine Nosworthy
"Nadine has created a special room full of artists with one goal in mind - to work as leads in TV/Film.  I had taken a step away from the craft to have my own family, thinking that maybe my dream of being a professional actor had passed. 
Nadine’s unique on-camera format has allowed me to get back into the studio with an active family lifestyle. She helped me to feel empowered to go after my dreams.  After working in her on-camera scene study format, I secured an agent, and only 3 months later I had booked a role on a TV series. Nadine is an exceptional coach that cares about the artists in her studio room and offers a unique approach built on collaboration and the pursuit of truth in the craft at all times. Her on-camera format has taken my work, and others in the studio, to the next level with a really amazing blend of scene study, audition technique and on-camera close up work. I attack every audition with a confidence I have never felt before. I love the ACT2Pro family.  It is the safest space where I can take risks and apologize for nothing. I have never felt more connected to a coach or a room of incredible artists in my life and it all started with Nadine’s vision of how she wanted to help artists navigate a really fast industry and have us ready to seize our opportunity when it comes and to send beautiful story tellers out into the world."
Blaine Nosworthy
Goerge Krissa
Nadine Wright is the best there is! She's fundamentally shifted the way I look at acting as a craft and as a business. She coached me to put aside everything that got in the way of just being present and grounded. I'm forever grateful for what she's done for me. Do yourself a favour - Work with Nadine!
George Krissa 
The Holiday Sitter, Hallmark Channel
Zoe Christie-Dowd
“I started training online at ACT2Pro in 2020, as a ballet dancer who had just entered the film industry and I am so glad that I did. Coming from a ballet background herself, Nadine’s training methods really clicked with me, and gave me the tools that I needed to work in this industry. I booked my first tv role after starting with Nadine, and since then I have grown so much as an artist; currently booking lead and recurring roles in film and tv. I’m so grateful to have found an amazing coach to continue to help me improve my craft.” 
Zoe Christie-Dowd 
Josh Collins
"I ran into blocks on set this year frequently, and each time I reached for a solution, I was grateful to hear one lady’s voice in my head louder than all the rest- a reverberating @nadinecwright from
She always speaks about your tool belt, and this year I truly felt that. In the moment things can go all over in your body/brain/heart- every scene I entered this year. I felt I’d trained for in class. “Oh this is how I maneuvered this one”. I felt safe in my exploration and I came up against many of the beasties she warned us about. I felt prepared." 
Josh Collins
Hoax: The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini
Courtney Napper
“In my twenty years working as a professional artist, Nadine Wright is hands down the most invaluable coach and mentor that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has an innate gift for seeing artists for who they truly are, and makes it her mission to help guide the artists she works with to see and believe in their power, and hold them accountable for always showing up authentically and unapologetically. Nadine is extremely invested in each of the artists she works with, and goes above and beyond (inside and outside of class) to help her clients reach their goals, and navigate the inevitable challenges along the way. 
My time working with Nadine has been truly transformative. Not only has she helped me efficiently transition from a professional dancer to a working actor, but she has also played a large hand in helping me regain my sense of self and championing me to find my voice as an artist and woman. For the first time in my adult life, I feel reconnected with who I am, what I want, and what I’m capable of, and am immensely grateful for the immeasurable impact Nadine and the ACT2Pro community have had on me both personally and professionally. 
ACT2Pro is the best part of my week. Regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, I know ACT2Pro is a safe space where I can show up exactly as I am to play, express, and explore. The ACT2Pro environment is carefully curated to foster vulnerability and openness - it’s a place where I feel not only accepted, but also celebrated for being all that I can be (in all my forms!) ACT2Pro is a community where we, as an artistic collective, want to see each other thrive.
In my time with ACT2Pro, I’ve had the joy of witnessing the growth of countless artists week after week, month after month, year after year, with Nadine’s persistent coaching and support. ACT2Pro is guaranteed to be a shapeshifting experience - one that I’d recommend to any artist, living anywhere, at any point along their artistic journey.”
Karen Kunzo 

"Nadine’s classes aim to make artists who work with her the best versions of themselves, to bravely stand in their power and authenticity and this is what I believe sets her apart from many others. Her confidence and power are there to inspire others to step up and be the biggest versions of themselves, to take accountability and believe in themselves. As I come from a post-communist country, where people in positions of power often misuse their position, this was a revolutionary experience. 


Nadine’s secret weapon is her killer intuition, which allows her to go deeper under the surface and work through people’s mental blocks and negative core beliefs. The results are truly transformative. She is relentless in fighting for the artists that she works with, even if they themselves tend to give up on themselves sometimes, she never stops believing and wants everyone to succeed. Nadine not only helped me to transform into the confident artist I am today, but her classes helped me to understand myself better, allowing me to create art from a space of safety."

Billy Mustapha 
The Oscars 2023 - 95th Academy Awards
"I admire Nadine’s ability to guide the artists in ACT2Pro to their fullest potential. Nadine has influenced me to ask thought-provoking questions that have helped me grow as an artist and person. Coming from a primarily dance background, I feel lucky to have an acting coach who can identify my strengths and show me how to efficiently transfer and combine my knowledge as an artist. Nadine’s encouragement to leap boldly in the direction that scares me has consistently led me to surpass my own expectations and has revealed to me that the possibilities are endless. I am grateful for the challenge that Nadine’s class provides."
Richard Young 
"As someone who's worked in the business for a decade racking up credits, I wanted more. More consistent bookings, more lead roles with complexity. However, when I would audition for those roles, the feedback I'd receive was that I was "great", but they just went with someone else. And when I would watch who booked said roles, there was "something special" in their work that I couldn't articulate. However, Nadine knows how to articulate that and get you to that upper level; not by getting you to copy others, but by bringing forward the genuineness, complexity and spontaneity you already have. Through emotional preparation, connecting you to your own body and feelings, and being more present in the moment and with your partner, I've seen Nadine elevate actors' work to compellingly watchable...and felt it elevate in my own work. Yes, she's firm in her notes and doesn't let you get away with your self-critical thoughts, because I feel she truly believes in every one of her actors. As a result, in the classes I'm surrounded by acting colleagues who are more confident in themselves and generous with their scene partners. I'm doing work worthy of large roles because I finally "get" what makes them lead-worthy. That "something special" trait isn't some magical alchemy I can never attain; it's something Nadine has taught me through practical steps to harness and work on. Her classes truly are a workout, but I'm grateful for the time I've spent there."
Kapila Rego
"Nadine has been the most inspirational teacher in my professional artistic career.  She helped me see myself for the open hearted actor that I am. She showed me that I was just scared of success and gave me the tools to move past such fears independently. Now I'm more present than ever and free flowing in my auditions and on set!"

More testimonials ...

“What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” ― Paulo Coelho.   Just wanted to share with you, because this is you.  AG
"It's not just that you're a strong and encouraging coach.  It's not just that you have incredible intuition and perception.  It's not just that your comfort with your own power gives you this profound ability to make power comfortable for others and calm down the panicking mind. It's not just that you're willing to tell the truth the way you see it.  It's not just that you're clearly, incredibly talented in your own right and in command of this process and teaching from a rare place of integrity and vulnerability instead of pedagogy. It's that while all those things were holding me steady, I also just felt loved."  AC
"This way of working doesn't actually stop, I've found that what you teach is discovery in ourselves, and in my opinion that never ends. You give us scenes that continually challenge us as artists and I'm constantly finding new "stuff", for lack of a better word, in my work because of this way of working, and your ability to see deeper and challenge us to dig deeper, knowing we are capable of something greater than we allow ourselves to believe. Its not like reading a book and saying "I now know A,B,C, and on to the next book" because its a bottomless pit of creativity we are encouraged to discover within ourselves." AG
"You helped me knock down walls and discover a part of me I knew was there but inaccessible before you allowed me to find it. You give everyone a safe place to discover who we are as people and as artists." SB
"Your class is genuinely my favorite part of my week. I hope you know how much you impact our lives!"  AD
"I go to the most inspiring acting class in the world. And I have an incredible pool of support. And I'm surrounded by wildly brave artists." ME
"Thanks Nadine! I am really inspired from our last class. You are a truly gifted coach and artist with such an important technique to pass on. I am always crossing deserts or climbing mountains in the work and always challenged. See you next week!" TM
"I've been meaning to say thank you for all that you do. Watching you  open up so many young actors... you're an incredible person and I'm so grateful for all that you do. Aside from your open heart, your guidance is really helping me become a better actor and I couldn't be happier about my work these days. So thanks very much." JH
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