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Vancouver Scene Study Classes Intro to Pro Levels

Elevate your
craft & career!

The latest On-Camera Scene Study Classes (Ongoing) for Vancouver actors consistently rated "Highly Transformative" and "Career Shifting"

scene study Classes best
scene study classes Vancouver
Vancouver scene study Classes best
Acting Studio Private Moment Project

is a leading
On-Camera Acting School
& Studio

Serving Vancouver, BC 

The studio provides career-building acting classes and support services for professional and emerging actors. Acting classes include ongoing industry leading On-Camera Scene Study and online acting classes that enable actors to become highly competitive in auditions, callbacks and on-set work. Acting Classes are consistently rated 'Highly Transformative' by today's professional TV Film actors.

"The process works!!"

George Krissa

Master the
on-camera medium &
completely change your  game! 

Overcome rigid body language and insufficient character work during tapings and Zoom callbacks - a major concern of today's agents

"This work has had a direct result on my auditions."

Shawn Depner

scene study classes vancouver best studio

RAISE your scene study, audition & callback skills to a whole new level

"Currently booking
lead & recurring roles"

Zoe Christie-Dowd

Discover the
Scene Study Classes best for you & arrange to AUDIT

Vancouver scene study Classes best
best acting classes vancouver


scene study classes Vancouver best studio
"The work we've done in pushing my boundaries as an artist has led me to some of my most exciting roles to date.
As I'm entering my first opportunity to work on two movies simultaneously, I couldn't feel more prepared artistically and professionally."

Jess Brown

scene study classes Vancouver

ACT2Pro is the creation of master acting instructor Nadine Wright

See our On-Camera Acting Classes Schedule, Testimonials, Workshops or arrange to Audit

scene study classes vancouver


Actor George Krissa
"Do yourself a favour, train with Nadine." 
"The process works!!"
A big CONGRATULATIONS to George Krissa for receiving TTCA's Best Supporting Performance award!! 
Princess Davis

Princess Davis

I’ve been training with Nadine for a couple years now and she is one of the most passionate and inspiring teachers that I’ve ever met.
She sees art in a way that many don’t and each class you leave having learned something new about the craft or about your relationship with the craft. 
Actress Zoe Christie-Dowd

Zoe Christie

Nadine’s training methods really clicked with me, and gave me the tools that I needed to work in this industry.
I booked my first tv role after starting with Nadine, and since then I have grown so much as an artist; currently booking lead and recurring roles in film and tv.
Actor Josh Collins

Josh Collins

"She always speaks about your tool belt, and this year I truly felt that."
"- every scene I entered this year. I felt I’d trained for in class."
"I felt prepared."
 Courtney Napper
Richard Young Actor
Jocelyn Gauthier Actress
Jessica Brown Actress
Jeff Gonek Actor
Blaine Nosworthy
Emilee Nimetz Actress
 Emily Le Actress
Billy Mustapha 
Sean Depner Actor
Vancouver scene study classes


actor in private moment


See 'in-character' private moments by Julian Nelson, Kapila Rego, & Eva Tavares

about PMP

The Private Moment Project was established to encourage artists to create & collaborate beyond the studio. 

Special Projects 

Past projects directed by Nadine Wright with artists from ACT2Pro include Red Light Winter featuring Cody Kearsley & Diving Normal featuring David Lennon & Lacy J Mailey.

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