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Acting Workshop for Dancers

Acting for the Camera

For professional hip hop, ballet, contemporary and modern dancers in the Toronto area.

Acting Workshop for Toronto Dancers

Coach:  Nadine Wright (Bio)

The ACT2Pro Acting Workshop for Dancers is for professional ballet, modern, contemporary and hip hip dancers interested in building upon their background and experience to open new doors into the TV FILM industry. 

Workshops are specifically designed as an intense immersion into the craft of acting, allowing dancers to experience the fundamentals of acting and the skills taught in weekly on-camera acting classes. 

Generally, given their strong performance background, dancers are often invited to enter directly into the ACT2Pro 'Intro Level' classes where the fundamentals of TV Film acting is taught. Given the specialized background of the studio's Founder, dancers are guided and coached to establish a deeper emotional connection and build upon their professional experiences. Through the ACT2Pro tiered class structure (Intro, Level 1, Level 2 and Accelerator), dancers can advance through the training levels where many have transitioned into working professional actors booking commercials, lead and recurring roles in the TV Film industry. As there is a significant requirement for background dancers and actors (with dance as a special skill) in many TV shows and independent film productions, ACT2Pro On-Camera classes provide an excellent, highly effective and inspiring path for dancers to open new doors, transition into the TV Film Industry and confidently present themselves as highly competitive, professional actors.  

ACT2Pro specialized workshops and acting classes are industry leading and are the ideal training scenario for working and transitioning dancers. The training is available to dancers in the Toronto area. Contact the studio for more details.  

Billy Mustapha
Testimonial of Billy Mustapha
The OSCARS 95th Academy Awards, Apple, Mastercard, Pepsi
"I admire Nadine’s ability to guide the artists in ACT2Pro to their fullest potential. Nadine has influenced me to ask thought-provoking questions that have helped me grow as an artist and person. Coming from a primarily dance background, I feel lucky to have an acting coach who can identify my strengths and show me how to efficiently transfer and combine my knowledge as an artist. Nadine’s encouragement to leap boldly in the direction that scares me has consistently led me to surpass my own expectations and has revealed to me that the possibilities are endless. I am grateful for the challenge that Nadine’s class provides."
Courtney Napper

Testimonial of Courtney Napper

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Honey, Famous Footwear 

“In my twenty years working as a professional artist, Nadine Wright is hands down the most invaluable coach and mentor that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has an innate gift for seeing artists for who they truly are, and makes it her mission to help guide the artists she works with to see and believe in their power, and hold them accountable for always showing up authentically and unapologetically. Nadine is extremely invested in each of the artists she works with, and goes above and beyond (inside and outside of class) to help her clients reach their goals, and navigate the inevitable challenges along the way. My time working with Nadine has been truly transformative. Not only has she helped me efficiently transition from a professional dancer to a working actor, but she has also played a large hand in helping me regain my sense of self and championing me to find my voice as an artist and woman. For the first time in my adult life, I feel reconnected with who I am, what I want, and what I’m capable of, and am immensely grateful for the immeasurable impact Nadine and the ACT2Pro community have had on me both personally and professionally. ACT2Pro is the best part of my week. Regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, I know ACT2Pro is a safe space where I can show up exactly as I am to play, express, and explore. The ACT2Pro environment is carefully curated to foster vulnerability and openness - it’s a place where I feel not only accepted, but also celebrated for being all that I can be (in all my forms!) ACT2Pro is a community where we, as an artistic collective, want to see each other thrive. In my time with ACT2Pro, I’ve had the joy of witnessing the growth of countless artists week after week, month after month, year after year, with Nadine’s persistent coaching and support. ACT2Pro is guaranteed to be a shapeshifting experience - one that I’d recommend to any artist, living anywhere, at any point along their artistic journey.”
Eowynn 2.JPG

Testimonial of Eowynn Enquist

Jane, Kays 

"I was introduced to Nadine 6 years into my professional dance career, and she became the coach I didn’t know I needed. These classes have offered me a practical foundation to continue developing all aspects of my personal artistic practice. Her unique perspective to coaching the method acting technique has expanded my connection to emotion, voice, and body language. Nadine consistently offers an incredible example of leadership - creating an empowering and safe space for learning. I have fallen in love with acting at this studio, and I would encourage anyone with an interest to try it for themselves."


This is a multi-day intensive is for dancers seeking to enhance their artistry and marketability and open new doors through the craft of acting. This workshop helps dancers (ballet, modern, contemporary and hip hop) to achieve a deeper emotional connection to choreography, convey a strong confident presence on-camera and off, and prepares them for opportunities in TV, film and commercials.


Please contact us to be placed on the waitlist for upcoming session currently being scheduled.

Zoomutilizing the powerful ACT2Pro Format which is vastly different and far more effective and inspiring than what artists have been exposed to.

Acting Workshop for Dancers Toronto
Dancer Workshop
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